Thanks you so much for taking such great care of Anika!  We love the pictures too!  We will definitely use your service again, it was wonderful.

Thanks again,
PS   Please use us as a reference if ever needed, we will give glowing remarks!

Hats off to Heidi! We recently spent three weeks on a wonderful vacation--wonderful, in part, because our four furry children were given outstanding care by Heidi. We didn't worry about them for one minute! Not only did she improve their literacy skills by reading to them; but also she made them so comfortable they barely recognized we'd left! When we walked in the door after three weeks, I think they were a bit let down that it wasn't Heidi. Every step of the process was easy and well organized. Heidi runs a smooth operation. She even took care of an emergency for us by letting us know our water heater was leaking. We made a call to our plumber and when we got back we had a new water heater. What a wonder Heidi is! We can't recommend Wags, Whiskers and Whinnies enough. If you love your pets as much as we do, leave them to Heidi the next time you're away.

Kate and Alan Johanningsmeier, Cannon Falls

Heidi gets my vote,  10 stars **************  for Wags Whiskers and Whinnies !!!!!!!!!!!!! My two dogs and cat simply adored her. She went above and beyond to keep them happy and well adjusted and then left me wonderful pics of their ' vacation'. If you ever need a reference let me know- will give you 10 stars!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Judi-Cannon Falls

Dear Heidi,
Thank you for your note about Alpine’s drinking so much. I took him to our vet and they think he may be in the early stage of kidney failure. He had very bad gingivitis and he was put on an antibiotic. He also was dehydrated, because all that water was just going through him and not doing any good. They called yesterday to see how he is doing. He seems better, but your input helped me decide to take him in.

Good job,Linda

As usual you did a fantastic job with the critter care.  We got a kick out of reading your daily notes.  The Stig can be quite hilarious when he is running like an idiot through the house.  Thank you for the precise care of all the animals.  You remembered everything we talked about and everyone was happy and acted like they did not miss us at all.  That is the sign of great care.

Thanks again, Lisa and David

I would highly recommend Heidi for pet care.  She is reliable, does a thorough  job, and  the pets seem to feel relaxed when we get home, rather than stressed out.  I feel confident she would handle an unexpected situation with the pets well.  Her experience and ability to work well with animals shows through.

Peg Hampton

Heidi was a God send to us six years ago when we brought home an adorable, but highly spirited, puppy.    Having  just retired, I wanted to be able to travel, and leave our dog, Cedar, with a reliable pet sitter that would train her, love her, and treat her as one of her own pets.   We wanted to know that Cedar was being “Puppy Trained”, exercised, fed, and loved.  Heidi was willing to open her home to caring for Cedar.  Heidi’s patience and stamina with Cedar during her first year of life was outstanding.   Cedar is a giant dog, weighing 105 pounds and standing 31 inches at the withers.  Not everyone can manage a large dog, but Heidi’s experience as an obedience trainer, has allowed her to be a fantastic care giver.  She has a very relaxed manner of handling Cedar, with loving, but direct,

commands of obedience. She also is an experienced pet owner, having four dogs of her own. Heidi has a fenced yard that allows Cedar supervised exercise with the other dogs. Heidi is exceptionally dedicated to her work, and communicates well with us. She carefully follows the special instructions that must be addressed concerning Cedar’s needs.  We call Heidi when a trip comes up, and she will always work Cedar into her family’s schedule.  She has also taken the time to transport Cedar from our home to her home.  She has cared for Cedar during 15 trips, ranging in length from a weekend to two weeks.  We currently have four trips scheduled with her during this  coming year. When Cedar returns from a visit to Heidi’s she is exhausted from having so much fun. Heidi is willing to go the extra mile, she is super enthusiastic, reliable, and dependable. She loves Cedar, and is, indeed, a blessing to us.

Judy Anderson Vadnais Heights, MN


Thank you so much Heidi.  You always go way above my expectations and it’s so nice to know I can go away and my animals are being well taken care of.

Sue and Wally