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There are days I have to be gone for long stretches of time. Heidi comes over to feed, check, and play with our 3 exuberant young cats. Darby, Casey, and Cooper are happy to see Heidi when she comes in the door!  She cares for them, gives them genuine affection, and plays with them! Knowing Heidi is at our home, caring for the cats gives me complete peace of mind. I come home to content, played out, happy cats. Darby, Casey, and Cooper consider Heidi part of their family! We also have an older timid foster cat, Molly, who needs a lot of patience and love. She is responding to Heidi’s patient, loving attention and care and definitely feels Heidi is trusted family too!

A highlight in my day is reading Heidi’s commentary on her day with the cats when I come home. I’m dirty and tired but the first thing I do after greeting the cats is to read about Darby, Casey, Cooper, and Molly’s day. Her genuine love of animals and dedication toward her clients, two and four legged, goes beyond the call of duty! Heidi observed something with Grace (she has crossed the rainbow bridge) that needed veterinary attention and stayed for an electrician’s call when she noticed an odd odor (all was okay) in our home.

Thank you Heidi!

"First of all let me say that we were completely impressed with your services and the notes you left for us, with the photos, were so nice to get.  It let us see just how their week went.  So many started with "Petted Spook"  we were astounded at that, nobody pets Spook, he does not normally allow it!  It gave us a great laugh. You certainly went above and beyond the call and we are grateful and SATISFIED customers. Thank you so much for your excellent care of Spook, Mouse & our herds of fish!

"Warm Regards,
Gail & Jammie"
And the added bonus of watering flowers & mail was exceptional!"

Heidi has cared for our cats, Bob and Benson for many years.  In the beginning Benson, who has always been very shy of strangers and hides whenever anyone other than me, my husband and two kids are in the house would also hide from Heidi.  When asked to look after the cats, Heidi would always pet Benson in his little hiding spot and talk to him but would rarely see him.  Over the years, that changed. Benson began coming out for Heidi when she came to feed and play with the cats – it was actually a very amazing thing to see because even our families, who came to visit often, have never had the pleasure of meeting the little guy!  A couple of years ago Benson was diagnosed with diabetes and needed insulin shots twice a day.  Our first trip after his diagnoses was pretty stressful because I didn’t know how she would be able to get to him each time he needed his injection.  Heidi’s idea to set him up in our bedroom with his own food, water and litterbox and the door closed seemed to be the only answer.  When I called to see how things were going after the first day, Heidi was happy to report that not only did Benson come right to her when she arrived in the bedroom, but was affectionate and happy to see her!  She decided to let him out to be with Bob and to be able to roam throughout the house.  From that point on, Benson considered Heidi to be his “other mom” and she never had any issues with him hiding from her again.  

Last week we were scheduled to go on vacation with my extended family which had been planned for many months and was nearly impossible to cancel or reschedule.  It was a trip I honestly didn’t know if I could take.  Bob had been diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer only one week before we were to depart.  He was a very sick little kitty, hadn’t eaten in weeks and his body was shutting down.  This was the hardest news we had ever received and we made the decision to have him euthanized 3 days before we left.  I knew how sad and upset I was but I was also concerned about Benson not only being without his buddy Bob, but an empty house for a week too.  Heidi reassured me she would do whatever it took to see that he was okay while we were gone.  When I called home to see how things were going after the first day, Heidi reported that she had decided to spend the night on our couch so that Benson wouldn’t be lonely or scared.  He ended up sleeping next to her the entire night.  The fact that she cared enough to stay the night touched me so deeply that I was able to enjoy the rest of our vacation and not worry quite so much about how Benson was faring because I now knew just how far Heidi would go for my pets.  When we returned from vacation, Benson was happy to see us and although I can tell he is still missing Bobby as much as we do, I know I can count on Heidi more than I ever thought I would have to!

Shelley, Cannon Falls

"Thank you for taking such good care of the girls!"

Ann, Lola & Olive

Eight years ago I was searching the Cannon Falls Beacon newspaper looking for a pet sitter. At the time we had seven English Springer Spaniels with very different personalities who needed someone to care for them in our absence. I saw Heidi's ad and we met. Little did I know how she would impact our lives in so many different venues. She was not only our most valuable animal care giver, but she became our friend. I not only trusted her with our beloved animals, but we trusted her with our home. As our pet family grew to horses, donkeys and kitties we never doubted Heidi's ability to rise to the occasion plus battle the temperatures hot or cold. When we sold our house we found ourselves in a bad predicament because our barn was not ready to move our animals into and we had to leave them behind. Once again Heidi rose to the occasion and took care of the horses and donkeys in Minnesota while we were already in Texas. I trust Heidi so much I never worried about their care. She was there at the very end as the animals were loaded onto the transport trailer headed for Texas and she remembered every detail right down to the feed buckets. She is not replaceable and will always be missed. Thank you, Heidi, for eight great years!!!!

Brenda & Jack Filipek

I can't tell you how pleased I was to arrive home tonight. It's been many years since I've come home and found my dogs so happy and well cared for. All I can say is wow, what a great job you did and how happy I am to find a good dog sitter. And the pictures! You should think about being a pet photographer. They are all so great but the one of JJ with all four feet off the ground running, and the one of Belle and Rumor play boxing are some of the best pictures I have of my dogs. My only complaint about the pictures is that, after seeing my dogs every single day for so many years (because I didn't have a good dog sitter), they have grown old before my eyes and I didn't realize it. Glee and Shamrock especially. Made me a little sad to see but still, great pictures. Very thoughtful of you.

Thanks so much Heidi.


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